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Toronto business brings French style to North America with an ecofriendly angle

Joliette replaces fast fashion with sustainable ecofriendly, design and promotes “the new heirloom.”

In a time when fast fashion dominates, investing in timeless pieces for your home not only sets you apart but diverts waste from landfills and gives new life to vintage and antique pieces. Joliette is a business centered on sustainable interior design. Founded in 2019, Joliette curates collections featuring kitchenware, furniture, art, and textiles sourced directly from the French and Belgian countryside. Based out of Toronto, Joliette takes pride in selecting each piece during annual travels. The curated collection is sold online at and also in markets throughout the GTA.

Founded by Jenna Parkes and Holly Rockbrune, lifelong friends living in the GTA, they bring their love of French antiques, green living, and sustainability together. Jenna has the eye for design and promises their upcoming spring trip to Southern France has opportunities for unique finds. “The trend right now is an eclectic, gathered look. We love to use well-loved, mismatched sets of silver flatware, patterned plates and platters, and pair original bentwood furniture with colourful rugs. Forget shopping at big box stores--your style says a lot more about you when you have pieces that have a history and stand the test of time,” says Parkes.

If you’re looking for something specific, Joliette also offers sourcing services. The duo will travel to France for you, hunt for your desired pieces, and bring them back to you.  In addition, Joliette offers shared shipping services which means you will share shipping container space with other buyers, reducing the amount of overall shipping trips and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

According to the Ademe (Agence de l’Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l’Énergie – Environment and Energy Control Agency) in France alone, 9.85 million tonnes of household waste is sent to landfills annually. Joliette sources pieces that are well made and durable, giving them a new life and ensuring that they don’t end up in a landfill. Pieces from the Joliette collection are meant to last and are “the new heirloom”—an easy, accessible way to achieve an inheritance of haute design.

There is currently nothing like Joliette in the Toronto market. There is a look and feel to the pieces that have been selected that add a sense of “je ne sais quoi” to your home. As Joliette is constantly on the hunt for new stock, curated pieces to the collection are regularly added to their website.



We're lifelong friends with a love of beautiful places and hidden treasures. During our travels in France and Belgium, we saw an opportunity to share timeless, well-made, and well-loved French and European pieces we found with you--and at the same time, help to promote sustainable interior design. Joliette allows us to share our passion for history, culture, and preservation with our community and the world. Now with annual trips and customized sourcing offered, Joliette presents a unique collection of items to add to your home. You can find Joliette online at The website provides up to date information of where to find us at upcoming shows, or better yet, follow us on Instagram (@jolie.tte) for all of the latest news.